Thursday, June 03, 2004

Bug Says His Blessings

I decided to start saying prayers with Bug before bed. It isn't really because of any newfound religious fervor, though I do think that it is a nice way to end the day, with a traditional blessing and good thoughts about loved ones. Rather, I am hoping the whole bedtime process will be smoother if we have a simple, consistent routine to follow. And just as Bug gets very excited whenever we say the Hamotzi each Friday at Shabbat dinner, knowing that my mom's famous fresh-baked challah will be served immediately after, I hope that the very sound of the Shema will become synonymous with deep, restful sleep each night.

To make the process a little more meaningful, I added some prayers at the end for his family and friends. This is how it went:

Me: God bless Mommy and Daddy.

Bug: Blah Blah Mommy an' Daddy.

Me: (enunciating) GOD. BLESS. Baby Bee.

Bug: BLAH. BLAH. Bay-ee Bee.

Me: (attempting to keep from laughing) Okay, try to pronounce it with me. GOD! BLESS! Grandma and Grandpa.

Bug: (trying very hard) BLAH! BLEH! Gamma an' Grappa.

Me: Oookay. Should we say a blessing for anyone else?

Bug: Hmmmm . . . Ernie an' Bert!

Because Muppets have needs too!


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