Friday, January 23, 2004

My First Friday Five!

Shout out to Gwen for turning me on to this wonderful new source of filler for my blog!

And a special message to Michelle - see, here is a nice innocuous entry for your blog that people will not be compelled to comment upon.

Now here goes:

At this moment, what is your favorite...

I have loved “A Case of You” since I heard it performed live by Diana Krall on a warm, starry summer night at the Concord Pavillion (sorry, I STILL refuse to call it the Chronicle Pavillion) as I snuggled under a blanket on the grass with Chef and Baby Bug. That led me to seek out the original Joni Mitchell version, which led me to discover one of the most gorgeous, intimate and moving CD’s I have ever heard.

2. As my coworkers pointed out at lunch, I have spent the last week raving about the Pancit Palabok I enjoyed at the new Goldilocks Bakery last weekend. Their menu describes it as “White fine noodles topped with Palabok sauce and Sauteed pork, Vegetables, Spices, and garnished with Green onions, Boiled eggs, Flakes of smoked fish (tinapa), and Ground chicharon (fried pork rind).” It reads like a strange and random combination of ingredients (and most decidedly non-Kosher!) but it was rich and savory and highly addictive! Next time I will order more, as Baby Bee grabbed handfuls off my plate and slurped them up as fast as her little mouth could swallow them.

3. show? With two young kids in the house, my viewing is primarily limited to stimulating programs like Barney, Sesame Street, and, god help me, Oobi – starring a Senor Wences-like hand puppet. Sadly, I now find myself becoming intimately involved in the characters and plotlines of these shows, and am waiting eagerly for the new season of Sesame to premier in April. I understand the 35th season will kick off with a prime time special, I am just sorry to learn that it will take the form of an extended “Elmo’s World” format, oy.

4. ...scent? Oh, I wish I could bottle up Baby Bee’s sweet little milk-breath, which I can’t get enough of. That, and the smell of brownies baking. Oh, and chocolate cookies. And hot apple pie. Mmmmm, and fresh gingerbread – and how can I forget the heady aroma of just-brewed coffee? And . . . what was the question again?

5. ...quote? I had this boyfriend once who had the most annoying habit of constantly quoting things, mainly whole pages of dialogue from Wayne’s World, This Is Spinal Tap, and various Monty Python flicks. He not only ruined those movies for me, he actually ruined the whole concept of quoting!

Damn you, annoying ex-boyfriend!


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